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cityside_sonata's Journal

14 May
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[Mallory & Dahlia]-[Backstory]-[Bardic Details]

“Where words fail, music speaks.”

Hans Christian Andersen

But does the world really listen anymore?

Kori does, with resolute determination and eager attention; regardless of where the path leads him. Like eating, breathing, living; it all amounts to one and the same with him. Without that spark of life in a melody his too grows weak and weary. But crafted of stronger stuff than doubt can throw in the way his stumbling, contemplative, flawed, curious, twenty-something years of existence is still leading him somewhere; be it grand or simply satisfaction in finally learning to understand himself.

But it doesn't really hurt to stop and enjoy what the melodies have to teach along the way.

Profile codes & images by coloriages and modified by me.

[Kori lives here, in technically NYC most of the time, mostly in the corner of the room in a large...frightening excuse for a coffin-ish daybed and shares the rest of the vast (*cough*sarcasm*cough) space, the TV, and roughly everything else in the apartment with a guy who likes to stab himself in the nose with metal nails and stole Bob Marley's hairstyle. His freak show best friend and roommate, Vince. :D]

[This would be an RP journal, by the way. Feel free to say hi.]